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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010All serotypes of dengue virus induce HLA-A2 major histocompatibility complex class I promoter activity in human liver cellsOthman, S. ; Rahman, N.A. ; Yusof, R. 
2015Benzimidazole derivatives as potential dual inhibitors for PARP-1 and DHODHAbdullah, I. ; Chee, C.F. ; Lee, Y.-K. ; Thunuguntla, S.S.R. ; Satish Reddy, K. ; Nellore, K. ; Antony, T. ; Verma, J. ; Mun, K.W. ; Othman, S. ; Subramanya, H. ; Rahman, N.A. 
2019Bioassay-Guided Isolation and in Silico Study of Antibacterial Compounds From Petroleum Ether Extract of Peperomia blanda (Jacq.) KunthAl-Madhagi, W.M. ; Hashim, N.M. ; Awadh Ali, N.A. ; Taha, H. ; Alhadi, A.A. ; Abdullah, A.A. ; Sharhan, O. ; Othman, R. 
2012Computational identification of self-inhibitory peptides from envelope proteinsXu, Y. ; Rahman, N.A.B.D. ; Othman, R. ; Hu, P. ; Huang, M. 
2017Conformational and energy evaluations of novel peptides binding to dengue virus envelope proteinAmir-Hassan, A. ; Lee, V.S. ; Baharuddin, A. ; Othman, S. ; Xu, Y. ; Huang, M. ; Yusof, R. ; Rahman, N.A. ; Othman, R. 
2014Current approaches in antiviral drug discovery against the Flaviviridae familyBaharuddin, A. ; Hassan, A.A. ; Sheng, G.C. ; Nasir, S.B. ; Othman, S. ; Yusof, R. ; Othman, R. ; Rahman, N.A. 
2014Dengue envelope domain III-peptide binding analysis via tryptophan fluorescence quenching assayBaharuddin, A. ; Hassan, A.A. ; Othman, R. ; Xu, Y. ; Huang, M. ; Ario Tejo, B. ; Yusof, R. ; Rahman, N.A. ; Othman, S. 
2011Design, simulation and fabrication of piezoelectric micro generators for aero acoustic applicationsRalib, A.A.M. ; Nordin, A.N. ; Othman, R. ; Salleh, H. 
2008Docking of noncompetitive inhibitors into dengue virus type 2 protease: Understanding the interactions with allosteric binding sitesOthman, R. ; Kiat, T.S. ; Khalid, N. ; Yusof, R. ; Newhouse, E.I. ; Newhouse, J.S. ; Alam, M. ; Rahman, N.A. 
2016Evaluation on ambulance design and musculoskeletal disorders risk factors among ambulance emergency medical service personnelDeros, B.M. ; Daruis, D.D.I. ; Thiruchelvam, S. ; Othman, R. ; Ismail, D. ; Rabani, N.F. ; Hatta, M.F.M. ; Hassan, A. ; Zakaria, N.I.M. 
2012Fabrication of aluminium doped zinc oxide piezoelectric thin film on a silicon substrate for piezoelectric MEMS energy harvestersMd Ralib, A.A. ; Nordin, A.N. ; Salleh, H. ; Othman, R. 
2015Formation of 1,3,4-oxadiazolines and 1,3,4-oxadiazepines through acetylation of salicylic hydrazonesAlhadi, A.A. ; Othman, R. ; Yehye, W.A. ; Rahman, N.A. 
2009Implementing school performance index (SPIn) in Malaysian primary schoolsRauf, F.A. ; Othman, R. 
2012Induction of MHC Class I HLA-A2 promoter by dengue virus occurs at the NFκB binding domains of the Class I Regulatory ComplexOthman, S. ; Rahman, N.A. ; Yusof, R. 
2012Inhibition of dengue NS2B-NS3 protease and viral replication in Vero cells by recombinant retrocyclin-1Rothan, H.A. ; Han, H.C. ; Ramasamy, T.S. ; Othman, S. ; Rahman, N.A. ; Yusof, R. 
2016Mefenamic acid in combination with ribavirin shows significant effects in reducing chikungunya virus infection in vitro and in vivoRothan, H.A. ; Bahrani, H. ; Abdulrahman, A.Y. ; Mohamed, Z. ; Teoh, T.C. ; Othman, S. ; Rashid, N.N. ; Rahman, N.A. ; Yusof, R. 
2011Optimization of two-dimensional gel electrophoresis protocols for boesenbergia rotunda in vitro suspension cultureChong, T.E. ; Teck, F.G. ; Ming, W.S. ; Rahman, N.A. ; Khalid, N. ; Karsani, S.A. ; Othman, S. ; Yusof, R. 
2011Performance evaluation of MEMS piezoelectric inertial energy generatorAini Md Ralib, A. ; Nurashikin Nordin, A. ; Othman, R. ; Salleh, H. 
2013Rational discovery of dengue type 2 non-competitive inhibitorsHeh, C.H. ; Othman, R. ; Buckle, M.J.C. ; Sharifuddin, Y. ; Yusof, R. ; Rahman, N.A. 
2016Synthesis, biological evaluation and molecular modelling of 2′-hydroxychalcones as acetylcholinesterase inhibitorsSukumaran, S.D. ; Chee, C.F. ; Viswanathan, G. ; Buckle, M.J.C. ; Othman, R. ; Rahman, N.A. ; Chung, L.Y.