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2011Effect of Ge4+ and Mg2+ doping on superconductivity, fluctuation induced conductivity and interplanar coupling of TlSr 2CaCu2O7-δ superconductorsAli Yusuf, A. ; Yahya, A.K. ; Khan, N.A. ; Salleh, F.M. ; Marsom, E. ; Huda, N. 
2019Hydropower potential of agricultural dam in Bukit MerahRoslan, E. ; Shaari, S. ; Zamri, F. ; Akhiar, A. ; Salleh, F. ; Ramli, Z. ; Shamsuddin, A.H. 
2019Hydropower potential on agricultural dam: An evaluation for Pedu DamRoslan, E. ; Sulaiman, M. ; Akhiar, A. ; Zamri, F. ; Salleh, F. ; Isa, R. ; Shamsuddin, A.H. 
2009Non-routine problem-solving and attitudes toward problem-solving among high achieversSalleh, F. ; Zakaria, E.