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2015An evaluative study on mobile crowdsourcing applications for crime watchAriffin, I. ; Solemon, B. ; Wan Abu Bakar, W.M.L. 
2014Exploring the potentials of volunteered geographic Information as a source for spatial data acquisitionAriffin, I. ; Solemon, B. ; Anwar, R.M. ; Din, M.M. ; Azmi, N.N. 
2014Information audit in electricity utilities: Roles, methodologies, issues and challengesAriffin, I. ; Latif, A.A. ; Faudzi, M.A. ; Shariff, S.S. ; Nadzir, M.M. 
2015Mobile platform for exploring the potential of volunteered geographic information for asset registerSolemon, B. ; Ariffin, I. ; Azmi, N.N. 
2013A preliminary evaluative study of the ElCIA: Integrated Information Audit framework for electricity companiesShariff, S.S.M. ; Ariffin, I. ; Latif, A.A. ; Nadzir, M.M. 
2015UniCrime: A mobile solution for on campus crime reporting using volunteered geographic informationAriffin, I. ; Hanif, M.F.M. ; Solemon, B.