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2019Adoption of requirements engineering and software testing syllabuses in universities: The malaysian landscapeSolemon, B. 
2010Adoption of requirements engineering practices in Malaysian software development companiesSolemon, B. ; Sahibuddin, S. ; Ghani, A.A.A. 
2015An evaluative study on mobile crowdsourcing applications for crime watchAriffin, I. ; Solemon, B. ; Wan Abu Bakar, W.M.L. 
2018An analysis of Intellectual Property challenges in crowdsourcing platforms for software engineeringAl-Bloush, H. ; Solemon, B. 
2008An english-malay translation memory systemRahman, S.B.Ab. ; Aziz, N.A. ; Solemon, B. 
2019Enhancement of application model for substation site selectionBaharuddin, I.N.Z. ; Roslan, R. ; Omar, R.C. ; Zulkarnain, M.S. ; Wahab, W.A. ; Solemon, B. 
2014Exploring the potentials of volunteered geographic Information as a source for spatial data acquisitionAriffin, I. ; Solemon, B. ; Anwar, R.M. ; Din, M.M. ; Azmi, N.N. 
2019Flood insurance rate map for non-structural mitigationRoslan, R. ; Omar, R.C. ; Hara, M. ; Solemon, B. ; Baharuddin, I.N.Z. 
2019Landslide susceptibility assessment for cameron highlands using analytical hierarchy processHanafiah, M.I.M. ; Solemon, B. ; Omar, R. ; Roslan, R. ; Wahab, W.A. ; Baharuddin, I.N.Z. ; Gunasagaran, V. 
2015Mobile platform for exploring the potential of volunteered geographic information for asset registerSolemon, B. ; Ariffin, I. ; Azmi, N.N. 
2009Re-defining the requirements engineering process improvement modelSolemon, B. ; Sahibuddin, S. ; Ghani, A.A.A. 
2009Requirements engineering problems and practices in software companies: An industrial surveySolemon, B. ; Sahibuddin, S. ; Ghani, A.A.A. 
2008Requirements engineering problems in 63 software companies in MalaysiaSolemon, B. ; Sahibuddin, S. ; Ghani, A.A.A. 
2013Requirements engineering process improvement and related modelsSolemon, B. ; Sahibuddin, S. ; Ghani, A.A.A. 
2017Software engineering in an effective collaborative environment: An evaluative study on crowdsourcing platformsAl-Bloush, H. ; Solemon, B. 
2017Spatial network k-Nearest neighbor: A survey and future directivesBorhanuddin, B. ; Solemon, B. 
2015UniCrime: A mobile solution for on campus crime reporting using volunteered geographic informationAriffin, I. ; Hanif, M.F.M. ; Solemon, B.