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2018Construction and evaluation of a user interface acceptance questionnaireBaharum, A. ; Ismail, R. ; Daruis, D.D.I. ; Fabeil, N.F. ; Bahar, I.A.A. ; Omar, M. 
2016Evaluation on ambulance design and musculoskeletal disorders risk factors among ambulance emergency medical service personnelDeros, B.M. ; Daruis, D.D.I. ; Thiruchelvam, S. ; Othman, R. ; Ismail, D. ; Rabani, N.F. ; Hatta, M.F.M. ; Hassan, A. ; Zakaria, N.I.M. 
2015Investigation of oil palm harvesters' postures using RULA analysisDeros, B.M. ; Khamis, N.K. ; Mohamad, D. ; Kabilmiharbi, N. ; Daruis, D.D.I.