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2017Exploring undergraduates' perceptions of white board and powerpoint lecture style presentations: A case study in MalaysiaYee, V.C.L. ; Sim, K.N. ; Ng, Y.J. ; Low, L.M. ; Chong, S.T. 
2019Investigating the effectiveness of Water Hyacinth Fiber Mat for Soil Erosion ControlChow, M.F. ; Hashrim, H. ; Chong, S.T. ; Ng, Y.J. 
2019Towards societal engagement: Building human resilience by engaging communication about flood prone areasThiruchelvam, S. ; Ng, Y.J. ; Husin, N.B.M. ; Chong, S.T. ; Ghazali, A. ; Kadir, A.K.