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2016Atest-bed evaluation of cognitive hybrid functionality for future hyper-dense networksHashim, W. ; Ismail, A.F. ; Hasan, M.K. ; Anas, N.M. ; Badron, K. 
2015Cluster-based spectrum sensing scheme in heterogeneous networkHasan, M.K. ; Ismail, A.F. ; Abdalla, A.-H. ; Ramli, H.A.M. ; Islam, S. ; Hashim, W. ; Badron, K. 
2015Cognitive energy efficient for closed-proximity devices: An empirical study and standardization issuesHashim, W. ; Ismail, A.F. ; Kamrul, M.H. ; Badron, K. ; Raj, R.M. ; Nasir, H.A. 
2015Development of spectrum management tool for malaysia using open-source GIS softwareSaman, M.A. ; Ismail, A.F. ; Badron, K. ; Ramli, H.A.M. ; Hashim, W. ; Atiqullah Fakrullah, A.N. 
2017Dynamic spectrum allocation scheme for heterogeneous network: BER analysisOthman, N.I. ; Ismail, A.F. ; Hasan, M.K. ; Hashim, W. ; Badron, K. 
2012Performance prediction of future V-band Earth-space link in the tropicsIsmail, A.F. ; Saad, N.W.Md. ; Badron, K. ; Hashim, W. ; Abdullah, K. 
2018Throughput analysis on dynamic spectrum allocation technique to mitigate interference on LTE heterogeneous networkOthman, N.I. ; Ismail, A.F. ; Hasan, M.K. ; Badron, K. ; Hashim, W.