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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006The characterization of KrF photoresists and the effect of different chromophore bulkiness on line edge roughness (LER) for submicron technologyYusri, A. ; Bakri, M. ; Manaf, M.J. ; Wahab, K.I.A. ; Ahmad, I.B. 
2008The effect of clean and no-clean flux in enhancing the wettability of eutectic solder bump flip chip PBGAAmin, N. ; Cheah, A.Y. ; Kornain, Z. ; Ahmad, I. 
2007The effect of Ni thickness on mechanical strength of Pb-free BGA spheres on selectively plated Ni/Au finishLeng, E.P. ; Ding, M. ; Rayos, J. ; Ahmad, I. ; Jalar, A. ; Qiang, C.C. 
2006The effect of number of zincation in Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG) Under Bump Metallurgy (UBM) on reliability in microelectronics packagingAbdullah, S.H. ; Ahmad, I. ; Jalar, A. 
2008The effect of surface texturing on GaAs solar cell using TCAD toolsJalil, S.M. ; Abdullah, L. ; Ahmad, I. ; Abdullah, H. 
2006The effects of high temperature storage on lead free solder joint material strength using pull test methodHarif, M.N. ; Ahmad, I. ; Zaharim, A. 
2006The effects of multiple zincation process on aluminum bond pad surface for electroless nickel immersion gold depositionMd Arshad, M.K. ; Ahmad, I. ; Jalar, A. ; Omar, G. ; Hashim, U. 
2004The effects of zincation process on aluminum bond pad surfaces for Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG) depositionMd Arshad, M.K. ; Ahmad, I. ; Jalar, A. ; Omar, G. 
2006The surface characteristics of under bump metallurgy (UBM) in electroless nickel immersion gold (ENIG) depositionArshad, M.K.M. ; Ahmad, I. ; Jalar, A. ; Omar, G. 
2018Threshold voltage and leakage current variability on process parameter in a 22nm PMOS DeviceAfifah Maheran, A.H. ; Menon, P.S. ; Ahmad, I. ; Noor Faizah, Z.A. ; Mohd Zain, A.S. ; Salehuddin, F. ; Sayed, N.M. 
2013Threshold voltage optimization in a 22nm High-k/Salicide PMOS deviceAfifah Maheran, A.H. ; Menon, P.S. ; Ahmad, I. ; Yusoff, Z. 
2011Throughput improvement in semiconductor fabrication for 0.13μm technologyBalakrishna, P. ; Chik, M.A. ; Ahmad, I. ; Mohamad, B. 
2008Ultra fine pitch 20 micron 2N second bond improvement with new capillary surface morphologyNor, N.H.M. ; Taib, S. ; Ahmad, I. ; Abdullah, H. 
2007Warpage and wire sweep analysis of QFN molded strip using experimental and modeling methodsAbdullah, I. ; Chiang, N.C. ; Mokhtar, U. ; Said, A. ; Talib, M.Z.M. ; Ahmad, I.