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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Half- and quarter-sweeps implementation of finite-difference time-domain methodMd Nusi, N. ; Othman, M. 
2006A handbook of human resource management practice, 10th ed.Michael Armstrong. 
2006A handbook of human resource management practice, 10th ed.Michael Armstrong. 
2016Handbook of human resources management.Matthias Zeuch (Editor). 
2016The handbook of international trade and finance : the complete guide for international sales, finance, shipping and administration, 4th ed.Anders Grath. 
2011The handbook of news analytics in finance.Edited by Gautam Mitra and Leela Mitra. 
2016Handbook of qualitative research methods on human resource management: innovative techniques.Keith Townsend, Rebecca Loudoun, David Lewin (Editors). 
2018Handbook of recent advances in commodity and financial modeling: quantitative methods in banking, finance, insurance, energy and commodity markets.Giorgio Consigli, Silvana Stefani Giovanni Zambruno (Editors). 
2009Handbook of technology and innovation management.Edited by Scott Shane. 
2016Handwritten signature verification: Online verification using a fuzzy inference systemFaruki, M.J. ; Lun, N.Z. ; Ahmed, S.K. 
2017Hardware implementation and a new adaptation in the winding scheme of standard three phase induction machine to utilize for multifunctional operation: A new multifunctional induction machineBhaskar, M.S. ; Padmanaban, S. ; Sabnis, S.A. ; Mihet-Popa, L. ; Blaabjerg, F. ; Ramachandaramurthy, V.K. 
2019Hardware implementation of beam formed ultrasonic bird deterrent systemPermal, N. ; Segaran, T.B.R. ; Verayiah, R. ; Nagi, F.H. ; Ramasamy, A.K. ; Ishak, S. 
2014Hardware implementation of Reed-Solomon error correction technique for wireless sensor network based on error pattern analysisTan, P.-L. ; Cheah, C.-L. ; Ho, C.-K. 
2018Harmonic mitigation in traction supply substation using cascaded H-bridge converterAwalludin, A. ; Toh, C.L. 
2014Harmonic mitigation of grid connected 5MW solar PV using LCL FilterYong, B.H. ; Ramachandaramurthy, V.K. 
2013Harvesting biogas from wastewater sludge and food wasteChua, K.H. ; Cheah, W.L. ; Tan, C.F. ; Leong, Y.P. 
2020Harvesting energy from planetary gear using piezoelectric materialHanim Salleh ; Haider Jaafar Chilabi ; Eris E. Supeni ; Azizan As’arry ; Khairil Anas Md Rezali ; Ahmed B. Atrah 
2010Harvesting vibration from rotating machinery as a power source for a wireless sensor nodeSalleh, H. ; Rashid, N.M. ; Wahib, K.A. 
2018Harvesting waste heat energy from automobile engine exhaust using teg with heat pipesBalakrishnan, A.S. ; Nagi, F. ; Salleh, K. ; Gunnasegaran, P.A.L. 
2018Hazard level of vehicle smoke by fuzzy multiple attribute decision making with simple additive weighting methodAbadi, S. ; Huda, M. ; Jasmi, K.A. ; Basiron, B. ; Amrullah, M. ; Maseleno, A.