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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016C-semantic: A novel framework for next-generation robotic vision via the semantic web technologiesAlicia Y.C. Tang ; Alaaeddin Alweish ; Mohd Sharifuddin Ahmad, Assoc. Prof. Dr. ; Muhammad Saiful Hamid 
2019Calcium phosphate /poly (Ethylene glycol) bone cement: Cell culture performanceHablee, S. ; Samsudin, N. ; Sopyan, I. ; Mel, M. ; Salleh, H.M. ; Rahman, M.M. ; Hashim, Y.Z.H.-Y. ; Raus, R.A. 
2018Calculating customer experience management index for telecommunication service using genetic algorithm based weighted attributesKhan, N. ; Akram, M.U. ; Shah, A. ; Khan, S.A. 
2017Calorific value analysis of Azadirachta excelsa and endospermum malaccense as potential solid fuels feedstockHossain, N. ; Jalil, R. ; Mahlia, T.M.I. ; Zaini, J. 
2015Can seaweed farming in the tropics contribute to climate change through emission of short-lived halocarbons?Phang, S.-M. ; Keng, F.S.-L. ; Paramjeet-Kaur, M.S. ; Lim, Y.-K. ; Rahman, N.A. ; Leedham, E.C. ; Robinson, A.D. ; Harris, N.R.P. ; Pyle, J.A. ; Sturges, W.T. 
2018Capacitated vehicle-routing problem model for scheduled solid waste collection and route optimization using PSO algorithmHannan, M.A. ; Akhtar, M. ; Begum, R.A. ; Basri, H. ; Hussain, A. ; Scavino, E. 
2017Capacitive and inductive line reactance for network reconfigurationSaifuddin, A.S. ; Kamil, K. ; Hashim, H. ; Radhakrishnan, R. 
2018Carbon and non-carbon support materials for platinum-based catalysts in fuel cellsSamad, S. ; Loh, K.S. ; Wong, W.Y. ; Lee, T.K. ; Sunarso, J. ; Chong, S.T. ; Wan Daud, W.R. 
2018Carbon emissions pinch analysis (CEPA) for energy sector planning in NigeriaSalman, B. ; Nomanbhay, S. ; Foo, D.C.Y. 
2013Carbon nanotubes: A review on structure and their interaction with proteinsSaifuddin, N. ; Raziah, A.Z. ; Junizah, A.R. 
2019Causes of delay in construction of highway projects: A reviewKarunakaran, S. ; Malek, M.A. ; Ramli, M.Z. 
2015Certainty, trust and evidence: Towards an integrative model of confidence in multi-agent systemsBasheer, G.S. ; Ahmad, M.S. ; Tang, A.Y.C. ; Graf, S. 
2015CFD analysis of first stage nozzle cooling optimization in power station gas turbineHasini, H. ; Fadhil, S.S.A. ; Jaafar, M.N.M. ; Malek, N.A. ; Ujir, M.H. 
2015CFD analysis of unsteady flows due to supercritical heat addition in high speed condensing steamMalek, N.A. ; Jamaluddin, S.A. ; Yusoff, M.Z. ; Hasini, H. 
Sep-2016A CFD simulation study of heat transfer augmentation through enhanced tubeMd. Mujibur Rahman ; T.M Indra Mahlia, Dr 
Oct-2016A chain-detection algorithm for two-dimensional gridsMohammed Azlan bin Mohamed Iqbal, Dr ; Paul Bonham 
2018Challenges faced by Malaysian private HLIs in providing quality education: a thematic analysisAnis, A. ; Islam, R. ; Abdullah, N.A. 
2010Challenges in adopting and integrating ITIL and CMMi in ICT division of a public utility companyAbdul Latif, A. ; Md Din, M. ; Ismail, R. 
2018Chaotic Immune Symbiotic Organisms Search algorithm for solving optimisation problemZamani, M.K.M. ; Musirin, I. ; Suliman, S.I. ; Mustaffa, S.A.S. 
2018Chaotic local search based algorithm for optimal DGPV allocationMustaffa, S.A.S. ; Musirin, I. ; Othman, M.M. ; Zamani, M.K.M. ; Kalam, A.