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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Natural coating from VG2S in reducing surface temperatureAbidin, A.H.Z. ; Omar, R.C. ; Roslan, R. ; Taha, H. ; Sanusi, K.A. 
2019Natural language processing utilization in healthcareHudaa, S. ; Setiyadi, D.B.P. ; Laxmi Lydia, E. ; Shankar, K. ; Nguyen, P.T. ; Hashim, W. ; Maseleno, A. 
2018Neural network approach for estimating state of charge of lithium-ion battery using backtracking search algorithmHannan, M.A. ; Lipu, M.S.H. ; Hussain, A. ; Saad, M.H. ; Ayob, A. 
2018Neural network based prediction of stable equivalent series resistance in voltage regulator characterizationZaman, M.H.M. ; Mustafa, M.M. ; Hannan, M.A. ; Hussain, A. 
2017Neural network fitting using levenberg-marquardt training algorithm for pm10 concentration forecasting in Kuala TerengganuAl Mahfoodh Ali Najah Ahmed 
2018Neutron and gamma ray fluences measurement at radial Beam Port 1 of TRIGA MARK II PUSPATI research reactorAshraff Rosdi, M.A. ; Goh, P.S. ; Idris, F. ; Shalbi, S. ; Sarkawi, M.S. ; Mohd Ali, N.S. ; Jamsari, N.L. ; Ramli, A.S. ; Azman, A. 
2018Neutron measurement at the thermal column of the Malaysian Triga Mark II reactor using gold foil activation method and TLDShalbi, S. ; Wan Salleh, W.N. ; Idris, F.M. ; Ashraff Rosdi, M.A. ; Sarkawi, M.S. ; Jamsari, N.L. ; Mohd Nasir, N.A. 
2019A new and adaptive security model for public communication based on correlation of data framesHaider, H.T. ; Muhsen, D.H. ; Shahadi, H.I. ; See, O.H. 
2018A new approach for privacy-aware smart metering using the concept of software defined networkingAl-Haiqi, A. ; Alkahtani, A.A. ; Nordin, F.H. ; Baharuddin, M.Z. 
2011New detection of voltage sag based on phase angle analysisMansor, M. ; Rahim, N.A. 
2016New development of analysis tool for optimizing generation cost with gas emission via an electromagnetism like algorithmAlbert, F.Y.C. ; Koh, S.P. ; Chen, C.P. ; Tiong, S.K. 
2019New evolutionary algorithm for optimizing hydropower generation considering multireservoir systemsEhteram, M. ; Koting, S.B. ; Afan, H.A. ; Mohd, N.S. ; Malek, M.A. ; Ahmed, A.N. ; El-shafie, A.H. ; Onn, C.C. ; Lai, S.H. ; El-Shafie, A. 
2017A new experiential learning electromagnetism-like mechanism for numerical optimizationTan, J.D. ; Dahari, M. ; Koh, S.P. ; Koay, Y.Y. ; Abed, I.A. 
2016A new fuzzy self-tuning PD load frequency controller for micro-hydropower systemBasir Khan, M.R. ; Jidin, R. ; Pasupuleti, J. 
May-2019A new higher-order RBF-FD scheme with optimal variable shape parameter for partial differential equationNg, Y.L. ; Ng, K.C. ; Sheu, T.W.H. 
2013A new method for measuring electrical resistivities [11]Ramanathan, K.G. ; Dhillon, J.S. 
2019A new method of enhancing heat transfer in sudden expansion channel using vortex generators with toe-out and toe-in configurations by acquiring perquisites of recirculation and secondary vortex flowRamanathan, S. ; Thansekhar, M.R. ; Kanna, P.R. ; Gunnasegaran, P. 
2016New method to synthesize mesoporous titania by photodegradation of surfactant templateZi, S.C. ; Chandren, S. ; Yuan, L.S. ; Razali, R. ; Ho, C.S. ; Hartanto, D. ; Indra Mahlia, T.M. ; Nur, H. 
2019A new methodology for technical losses estimation of radial distribution feederIbrahim, K.A. ; Au, M.T. ; Gan, C.K. 
2018New near-infrared absorbance peak for inhibitor content detection in transformer insulating oilLeong, Y.S. ; Ker, P.J. ; Jamaludin, M.Z. ; Nomanbhay, S.M. ; Ismail, A. ; Abdullah, F. ; Looe, H.M. ; Shukri, C.N.S.M.