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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Taguchi optimization of a SOI-based lateral PIN photodiode using SiGe/Si multilayer quantum wellMenon, P.S. ; Tasirin, S.K. ; Ahmad, I. ; Islam, S. ; Abdullah, S.F. 
2016Tangent delta low voltage high frequency ac method to measure HV underground XLPE cablesAvinash, A.R. ; Chakrabarty, C.K. ; Permal, N. ; Agileswari 
2009Taxpayers' attitude in using e-Filing system: Is there any significant difference among demographic factors?Ilias, A. ; Razak, M.Z.A. ; Yasoa, M.R. 
Jul-2019Techno-Economic Analysis and Environmental Impact of Electric VehicleA. E. Pg Abas ; Jed Yong ; T.M.I. Mahlia ; M. A. Hannan 
2019Techno-economic analysis and physicochemical properties of Ceiba pentandra as second-generation biodiesel based on ASTM D6751 and EN 14214Jamaluddin, N.A.M. ; Riayatsyah, T.M.I. ; Silitonga, A.S. ; Mofijur, M. ; Shamsuddin, A.H. ; Ong, H.C. ; Mahlia, T.M.I. ; Rahman, S.M.A. 
2016Techno-economic analysis of bioethanol production from rice straw by liquid-state fermentationHidayata, M.H.M. ; Salleh, S.F. ; Riayatsyahb, T.M.I. ; Aditiyac, H.B. ; Mahliaa, T.M.I. ; Shamsuddina, A.H. 
2016Techno-economic and environmental assessment of bioethanol production from high starch and root yield Sri Kanji 1 cassava in MalaysiaHanif, M. ; Mahlia, T.M.I. ; Aditiya, H.B. ; Chong, W.T. ; Nasruddin 
2019Techno-economic optimization of grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) and battery systems based on maximum demand reduction (MDRED) modelling in MalaysiaSubramani, G. ; Ramachandaramurthy, V.K. ; Sanjeevikumar, P. ; Holm-Nielsen, J.B. ; Blaabjerg, F. ; Zbigniew, L. ; Kostyla, P. 
2019Technologies for biogas upgrading to biomethane: A reviewAdnan, A.I. ; Ong, M.Y. ; Nomanbhay, S. ; Chew, K.W. ; Show, P.L. 
1-Sep-2016Teleconsultation success model for knowledge exchange between medical practitionersRohaini binti Ramli, Puan ; Nor'ashikin Bte Ali, Ms 
2018Temperature based control of ventilation system for optimum climate in tomato greenhouseDahlan, N.Y. ; Halid, A.I. ; Hashim, T.J. ; Sakimin, S.Z. 
2012Temperature dependence of gain and excess noise in InAs electron avalanche photodiodesKer, P.J. ; David, J.P.R. ; Tan, C.H. 
2013Temperature dependence of impact ionization in InAsSandall, I.C. ; Ng, J.S. ; Shiyu, X. ; Ker, P.J. ; Tan, C.H. 
2011Temperature dependence of leakage current in InAs avalanche photodiodesKer, P.J. ; Marshall, A.R.J. ; Krysa, A.B. ; David, J.P.R. ; Tan, C.H. 
Sep-2020Temperature difference in close-spaced sublimation (CSS) growth of CdTe thin film on ultra-thin glass substrateC. Doroody ; K.S. Rahman ; S.F. Abdullah ; M.N. Harif ; H.N. Rosly ; S.K. Tiong ; N. Amin 
1990Tenaga Nasional Bhd in Malaysian BusinessTenaga Nasional Berhad 
2019Tensile properties of poly lactic acid (Pla)– tungsten trioxide (wo3) nano composites for 3d printing processShaath, M.L.M. ; Ansar, M.N.M. ; Atiqah, A. ; Hamdan, A. 
May-2020The effect of holding time on the mechanical and physical properties of titania-wollastonite-hydroxyapatite compositesDinesh, R. ; Meenaloshini, S. ; Sankar, U. 
2016The Effect of Thickness and Mesh Spacing on the Impact Resistance of Ferrocement SlabMuda, Z.C. ; Alam, M.A. ; Syamsir, A. ; Sulleman, S. ; Beddu, S. ; Mustapha, K.N. ; Thiruchelvam, S. ; Ismail, F.B. ; Usman, F. ; Kamal, N.L.M. ; Birima, A.H. ; Itam, Z. ; Zaroog, O.S. 
2018Theoretical analysis of a three-phase bidirectional isolated DC-DC converter using phase-shifted modulationTan, Z.Y. ; Tan, N.M.L. ; Hussain, I.S.