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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018UAV actuator fault detection through artificial intelligent techniqueSahwee, Z. ; Mahmood, A.S. ; Rahman, N.A. ; Sahari, K.S.M. 
2012Ultra-wideband antenna array design for target detectionKasi, B. ; Chakrabarty, C.K. 
2018Uncanny valley: A preliminary study on the acceptance of Malaysian urban and rural population toward different types of robotic facesTay, T.T. ; Low, R. ; Loke, H.J. ; Chua, Y.L. ; Goh, Y.H. 
2020Uncertainty models for stochastic optimization in renewable energy applicationsA. Zakaria ; Firas B. Ismail ; M.S. Hossain Lipu ; M.A. Hannan 
2009Undergraduates selection towards islamic banking in dual banking environment: An empirical studyKadir, M.R.A. ; Surbaini, K.N. ; Ramli, J.A. 
2010Understanding Malaysian Internet addiction: A comparative study on Malaysia and selected countriesLatif, A.A. ; Md Din, M. ; Ismail, R. ; Othman, M. ; Suliman, A. 
2015Understanding the chemistry behind the antioxidant activities of butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT): A reviewYehye, W.A. ; Rahman, N.A. ; Ariffin, A. ; Abd Hamid, S.B. ; Alhadi, A.A. ; Kadir, F.A. ; Yaeghoobi, M. 
2019Understanding XBRL adoption process and adoption type among regulators: A Malaysian evidenceIlias, A. ; Ghani, E.K. ; Azhar, Z. 
Feb-2019Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs): A Survey on Civil Applications and Key Research ChallengesShakhatreh, H. ; Sawalmeh, A.H. ; Al-Fuqaha, A. ; Dou, Z. ; Almaita, E. ; Khalil, I. ; Othman, N.S. ; Khreishah, A. ; Guizani, M. 
2017Usability prioritization using performance metrics and hierarchical agglomerative clustering in MAR-learning applicationCheng, L.K. ; Selamat, A. ; Mohamed Zabil, M.H. ; Selamat, M.H. ; Alias, R.A. ; Puteh, F. ; Mohamed, F. ; Krejcar, O. 
2003Use of H mode in low frequency flat spiralled coil RF inductively coupled plasma source to nitride austenitic steel type AISI 304Chakrabarty, C.K. 
2010A user authentication scheme based on identity-bits commitment for wireless sensor networksJamil, N. ; Sameon, S.S. ; Mahmood, R. 
2015A user-centric game selection model based on user preferences for the selection of the best heterogeneous wireless networkSalih, Y.K. ; See, O.H. ; Ibrahim, R.W. ; Yussof, S. ; Iqbal, A. 
2017Utilization of alum sludge as chromium removalZahari, N.M. ; Sidek, L.M. ; Zulkifli, M.A.A. ; Hua, C.K. ; Jalil, N.A. 
2015Utilization of artificial immune system in prediction of paddy productionKhidzir, A.B.M. ; Malek, M.A. ; Ismail, A.R. ; Juneng, L. ; Chun, T.S. 
2018Utilization of carbide lime waste as base catalyst for biodiesel productionSubramaniam, K. ; Munusamy, S. ; Pua, F.-L. ; Nasir, M.A.M. ; Othman, R. ; Jaafar, S.N.S. 
2019Utilization of Core Oil Palm Trunk Waste to Methyl Levulinate: Physical and Chemical CharacterizationsAbu Jahar, N. ; Pua, F.-L. ; Chyi, W.J. ; Mostapha, M. ; Zakaria, S. ; Chia, C.H. ; Syed Jaafar, S.N. 
2015Utilization of low rank coal as oxidation catalyst by controllable removal of its carbonaceous componentNurhadi, M. ; Efendi, J. ; Lee, S.L. ; Mahlia, T.M.I. ; Chandren, S. ; Ho, C.S. ; Nur, H. 
2018Utilization of thorium and U-ZrH1.6 fuels in various heterogeneous cores for TRIGA PUSPATI Reactor (RTP)Bin Damahuri, A.H. ; Mohamed, H. ; Mohamed, A.A. ; Idris, F. 
2018Utilizing AlexNet Deep Transfer Learning for Ear RecognitionAlmisreb, A.A. ; Jamil, N. ; Din, N.M.