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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Financial markets and intitutions, 9th ed.Jeff Madura. 
2014Financial statement analysis, 11th ed.K. R. Subramanyam. 
2002Financial statement analysis: a practitioner’s guide, 3rd ed.Martin Fridson, Fernando Alvare. 
1988Financial theory and corporate policy.Copeland, Thomas E. 
2017Foundation exam financial accounting and reporting study guide,7th ed.
2009Foundations of modern macroeconomics, 2nd. ed.Ben J. Heijdra. 
2017Foundations of Modern Macroeconomics, 3rd. ed.Ben J. Heijdra. 
2006Franchising for dummies, 2nd ed.Michael Seid, Dave Thomas. 
2008Franchising your business: an owner’s guide to franchising as a growth option.Donald D. Boroian, L. Patrick Callaway. 
2004Franchising: pathway to wealth creation.Stephen Spinelli, Jr. Robert M. Rosenberg, Sue Birley. 
2015Frank Wood's business accounting, 13th ed.Alan Sangster BA. MSc, PhD, Cert TESOL, CA 
2000The free energy secrets of cold electricityPeter A. Lindemann, D.Sc. 
2016From Keynnes to Piketty: the centurythat shook up economicsPeter de Haan 
2015The Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Accident : final report of the AESJ Investigation CommitteeAtomic Energy Society of Japan, editor. 
2003Fundamentals of business marketing research.David A. Reid, Richard E. Plank. 
2009Fundamentals of digital logic with VHDL design, 3rd ed.Stephen Brown, Zvonko Vranesic 
2009Fundamentals of Electric Circuits, 4th ed.Charles Alexander, Matthew Sadiku 
2012Fundamentals of electric circuits, 5th ed.Charles K. Alexander, Matthew N. O. Sadiku 
2017Fundamentals of electric circuits, 6th ed.Charles K. Alexander, Matthew N. O. Sadiku 
2016Fundamentals of financial accounting, 5th ed.Fred Phillips, Robert Libby, Patricia A. Libby.