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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006A handbook of human resource management practice, 10th ed.Michael Armstrong. 
2006A handbook of human resource management practice, 10th ed.Michael Armstrong. 
2016Handbook of human resources management.Matthias Zeuch (Editor). 
2016The handbook of international trade and finance : the complete guide for international sales, finance, shipping and administration, 4th ed.Anders Grath. 
2011The handbook of news analytics in finance.Edited by Gautam Mitra and Leela Mitra. 
2016Handbook of qualitative research methods on human resource management: innovative techniques.Keith Townsend, Rebecca Loudoun, David Lewin (Editors). 
2018Handbook of recent advances in commodity and financial modeling: quantitative methods in banking, finance, insurance, energy and commodity markets.Giorgio Consigli, Silvana Stefani Giovanni Zambruno (Editors). 
2009Handbook of technology and innovation management.Edited by Scott Shane. 
2017Hedging, corporate governance and firm value: Empirical evidence on risk management from an emerging marketIslam, S.M.N. ; Hussin, B.M. 
2008High voltage direct current transmission, 2nd ed.Jos Arrillaga. 
2016A History of macroeconomics from Keynes to Lucas and BeyondMichel De Vroey 
Dec-2016How Renewable Energy Benefits Businesses and the EnvironmentCarson Schwalbach, B.S. 
2015How to read and interpret financial statements: a guide to understanding what the numbers really mean, 2nd. ed.Michael P. Griffin 
2014HR for small business for dummies┬«, Australian Edition.Paul Maguire. 
2018Human investment management: raise the level by capitalising human.Prabhakaran Paleri. 
2014Human resource 360 - degree feedback: performance appraisal system.Muhammad Rouhi Eisalou. 
1996Human resource champions: the next agenda for adding and delivering result.Dave Ulrich. 
2012Human resource development, 6th ed.Jon M. Werner and Randy L. DeSimone. 
2017Human resource management : a contemporary approach, 8th ed.Edited by Julie Beardwell and Amanda Thompson. 
2019Human resource management : a critical approach, 2nd ed.Edited by David G. Collings, Geoffrey T. Wood And Leslie T. Szamosi.