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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Industry 4.0: Industrial Revolution of the 21st Century.Elena G. Popkova, Yulia V. Ragulina Aleksei V. Bogoviz Editors 
2010Infrastructure finance : the business of infrastructure for a sustainable future.Neil S. Grigg. 
2015Innovation and entrepreneurship: theory, policy and practice.Elias G., Carayannis Elpida T., Samara Yannis, L. Bakouros. 
2017Innovation management and new product development, 6th ed.Paul Trott. 
2009Integrated marketing communications.Dr. Niraj Kumar. 
2010Integrating of materials management with financial accounting in SAPFaisal Mahboob 
2016Intermediate Financial Accounting Volume 1.Glenn Arnold & Suzanne Kyle, Edited by Athabasca University. 
2007Intermediate Financial Management, 9th ed.Eugene F. Brigham and Phillip R. Daves. 
2015Intermediate Islamic finance.Nabil Maghrebi, Abbas Mirakhor, Zamir Iqbal. 
2016International Economics, 16th. ed.Thomas A. Pugel. 
2016International economics, 6th ed.Thomas A. Pugel. 
2013International economics, 9th ed.Steven Husted, Michael Melvin. 
2010International finance, 5th ed.Maurice D. Levi. 
2008International Financial Management, 9th ed.Jeff Madura. 
2019International GAAP®2019: generally accepted accounting practice under International Financial Reporting Standards, Global Edition 14.
2013International handbook of energy security.Hugh Dyer (Author, Editor), Maria Julia Trombetta (Author, Editor). 
2016International human resource management, 4th ed.Chris Brewster, Elizabeth Houldsworth, Paul Sparrow, Guy Vernon. 
2015International human resources management: challenges and changes.Carolina Machado (Editor). 
2011International marketing and export management, 7th ed.Gerald Albaum, Edwin Duerr. 
2011International marketing, 15th ed.Philip R. Cateora, Mary C. Gilly, John L. Graham.