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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018M : business.O.C. Ferrell, Geoffrey A. Hirt, Linda Ferrell. 
2016Macroeconomic (Global Edition).Daron Acemoglu, David Laibson, John A. List. 
2018Macroeconomic analysis and policy: a systematic approach.Joshua E. Greene. 
2016Macroeconomic policy demystifying monetary and fiscal policy. 3rd ed.Foreword by W. Michael Cox 
2019Macroeconomic survey expectations.General editor Michael P. Clements 
2012The macroeconomic theory of exchange rate crises.Giovanni Piersanti. 
2017Macroeconomic theory.Volker Böhm. 
2017Macroeconomics : a European perspective, 3rd. ed.Olivier Blanchard, Alessia Amighini and Francesco Giavazzi. 
2018Macroeconomics : principles, problems, and policies, 21th. ed. (Revised edition of Macroeconomics, 2015)Campbell R. McConnell, Stanley L. Brue, Sean M. Flynn. 
2017Macroeconomics in context: a European perspectiveSebastian Dullien, Neva Goodwin, Jonathan M. Harris, Julie A. Nelson, Brian Roach, and Mariano Torras 
2017Macroeconomics in ecological context.Karl Seeley. 
2018The macroeconomics of corruption: governance and growth.Maksym Ivanyna, Alex Mourmouras, Peter Rangazas. 
2015Macroeconomics, 4th. ed.Paul Krugman, Robin Wells. 
2015Macroeconomics, 5th. Canadian edition.Olivier Blanchard, David Johnson. 
2018Macroeconomics, 6th. ed.Stephen D. Williamson 
2011Macroeconomics, 7th. ed.Andrew B. Abel, Ben S. Bernanke, Dean Croushore. 
2017Macroeconomics, 7th. ed. (Global Edition)Olivier Blanchard. 
2015Macroeconomics, agriculture & food security : a guide to policy analysis in developing countries, 1st. ed.Eugenio Díaz-Bonilla. 
2016Macroeconomics, Trade, and Social Welfare.Michihiro Ohyama. 
2011Macroeconomics,11th ed.Rudiger Dornbusch, Stanley Fischer, Richard Startz.