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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Talent management: a focus on excellence: managing human resources in a knowledege economy.Patrick Merlevede. 
2012Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asia (TITAS), edisi ke-3Ahmad Zaki Abd.Latif. 
2017Technological entrepreneurship: technology-driven vs market-driven innovation.Ian Chaston. 
2009Technology-Assisted Problem Solving for engineering education: Interactive multimedia applicationsSidhu, M.S. 
2010The theory and practice of entrepreneurship: frontiers in European entrepreneurship research.Edited by David Smallbone, João Leitão, Mário Raposo, Friederike Welter. 
2015The theory of new classical macroeconomics: a positive critique.Peter Galba´cs. 
2011Thermodynamics: an engineering approach 7th Ed.Yunus A. Cengel (Author), Michael A. Boles (Author) 
2016Transforming communication in leadership and teamwork: person-centered innovationsRenate Motschnig, David Ryback. 
2016Transforming communication in leadership and teamwork: person-centered innovations.Renate Motschnig , David Ryback. 
2020Transmission tower remote monitoring techniquesNorashidah Md. Din ; Intan Shafinaz Mustafa ; Siti Noratiqah Mohamad Deros ; Fathi Mahdi Elsiddig Haroun 
2014Understanding digital marketing, 3rd ed.Damian Ryan. 
2010Understanding financial statements, 9th ed.Lyn M. Fraser, Aileen Ormiston. 
2011Understanding Renewable Energy BusinessesLiz Thorstensen 
2009Unified financial analysis: the missing links of finance.W. Brammertz, I. Akkizidis, W. Breymann, R. Entin and M. R¨ustmann. 
2015Using excel & access for accounting 2013Glenn Owen 
2019Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for finance and operations: learn and understand the functionality of Microsoft’s enterprise solutionAndreas Luszczak. 
2007Voice and audio compression for wireless communications. 2nd ed.L. Hanzo, F.C.A. Somerville and J.P.Woodard. 
2019What can economists and energy engineers learn from thermodynamics beyond the technical aspects?Abderrazak Belabes 
2016Wiley CPA excel® exam review study guide january 2016Ray Whittington 
Apr-1997Wind Resource Assessment Handbook