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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2010A Feasibility study of gas turbine power augmentation by fog - cooling in Malaysian environmentAmran Othman 
Feb-2014A framework for recognizing student emotions in lecturer evaluation system using software agent technologyFiras D. Ahmed 
Jul-2012A framework for resolving task delegation with normative governance in multi-agent systemAl-Mutazbellah Khamees Itawi 
Dec-2011A framework of fleet transport services optimization using RFID technologyHuthiafa Q. Qadori 
Apr-2014A framework to integrate semantic web techologies into content management systemsAyhaab M Abdullaha. 
Nov-2012A holistic approach to knowledge audit framework for the enrolment unit, UNITENNorashikin Hj. Mohamed Tahir 
Jan-2011A hybrid ann-sym apparoach for Malay word cheque recognition systemOmar Noori Salih al Boredi 
Jun-2012A hybrid face recognition system approach using discrete orthogonal moment and discriminant analysis techniqueTiagrajah a/l V. Janahiraman 
Jul-2009A hybrid framework documentation approach for effective use of object-oriented application framework documentationHajar Mat Jani 
2016A knowledge management strategy framework to improve knowledge management readiness in organisations: a case study in a government organisationNorliza binti Jumeri 
2015A knowledge sharing behavior model using social networks in hospitals: a case or Jordanian hospitalsZaid Tawfeek Alhalhouli 
Jan-2013A knowledge sharing model for the UNITEN postgraduate research communityMohammed Ahmed Jaddoa 
Apr-2007A longitudinal study of environmental reporting practices an a ward-winning company from 1995 to 2005Noor Raida binti Abd Rahman 
Feb-2012A mechanism of improvement of support vector machine for parallel and distributed training of new large datasetNur Shakirah binti Md Salleh 
2016A model for knowledge management effectiveness at Universiti Tenaga NasionalMujahed Moatasem Faisal 
Jun-2016A model for standalone microgrid with hybrid energy sources supported by multi-agent based energy management system incorporating fuzzy self-tuning proportional-derivative load frequency controllerMohammed Reyasudin bin Basir Khan 
Apr-2012A new and systematic approach to develop the microstrip butler matrix beamforming networkGoh Chin Hock 
Nov-2009A new fuzzy logic dynamic bandwidth allocation algorithm for upstream ethernet passive optical networkNurul Asyikin binti Mohamed Radzi 
Jun-2005A new sequence current algorithm for mutual coupling suppression on parallel transmission circuits distance protectionMohd Faris bin Abdullah, Ir.