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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Physical modelling of hydrological cycleYap Bin Kin 
24-Feb-2020Power system intentional islanding for different contingency scenarios using discrete optimization techniqueNur Zawani Binti Saharuddin 
Jul-2010A prototype of traceability management system (TMS)Medyan Mohammed Saeed Neama 
2002A research paper on performance manegement system (PMS) in Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB)Baharnuddin bin Ali 
Jul-2008A risk based asset maintenance management framework for power transformers in TNB Distribution divisionHj. Ahmad Kamel bin Aziz 
Aug-2010A robust ga-based QoS routing algorithm for solving the general k-constrained multi-constrained path routing problemsSalman Yussof 
2015A simplified model for development methodology for medium-scale embedded systemNursyazana Nazri 
Mar-2015A study about cost and performance of gas turbine using alternative spare parts at Sultan Ismail Power StationPrem Rakesh Subramaniam 
2011A study of an interactive simulation tool for enhancing students understanding in four-bar mechanismKather Abdali Ramadhan 
May-2012A study of green initiatives on energy utilization in UNITENOsama Abdulrhman Fallatah 
2006A study of network-based learning in a writing course : perceptions of usefulnessNorlida binti Alias 
Sep-2015A study of organizational commitment at Standard Chartered BankVitiashini Arunasalam 
Jan-2014A study of task delegation practises among the managers in ITBS, ICT of TNBKrishnaveny Krishnamoorthy 
2003A study of the dual fuel system using LPG for a single-cylinder, stationary diesel engineBan Kean Nam 
Jul-2007A study of the effectiveness of hvdc supplementary controller to reduce inter-area power oscillationShyful Bahrin b. Ismail 
Apr-2009A study on a customised multimedia development methodology for TNB-ICT divisionAhmad Izuddin Abdullah 
2016A study on localization strategies towards business performance of Korean companies in MalaysiaMinkyeong Kim 
Feb-2014A study on mechanical and morphological properties of PU-HA biocompositeKhalid Mohammed Dahham 
Jul-2016A study on perception on sexual harassment amongst employees of a private higher learning Institution in MalaysiaGowri M. Gobinathan 
May-2012A Study on the actual variation in the properties and quality of the gas fuel and the resulting impact on the gas turbine at TNB power stationsMohd Nazreen bin Mohd Nasir