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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12014Computational analysis of single and multiple impacts of low pressure and high pressure cold sprayed aluminum particles using SPHYusof, S.N.A. ; Manap, A. ; Misran, H. ; Othman, S.Z. 
22014Experimental and SPH study of cold spray impact between similar and dissimilar metalsManap, A. ; Nooririnah, O. ; Misran, H. ; Okabe, T. ; Ogawa, K. 
32014Nonsurfactant synthesis and characterizations of metal-organic framework MOF-5 materials using fatty alcoholsMisran, H. ; Othman, S.Z. ; Manap, A. ; Pauzi, N.I.M. ; Ramesh, S. 
42016Oxidation behavior of NiAl produced by gel combustion synthesisGonsalvez, T.A. ; Manap, A. ; Afandi, N. ; Misran, H. 
52014Settlement prediction of soil at closed dumping area using power creep function and simulated by monte Carlo simulation methodPauzi, N.I.M. ; Omar, H. ; Misran, H. ; Othman, S.Z. ; Manap, A. 

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Halina Misran Dr. Prof Madya
Full Name
Misran, H.
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