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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
212013Modeling of energy efficiency in heterogeneous networkAbdulkafi, A.A. ; Tiong, S.K. ; Chieng, D. ; Ting, A. ; Ghaleb, A.M. ; Koh, J. 
222016New development of analysis tool for optimizing generation cost with gas emission via an electromagnetism like algorithmAlbert, F.Y.C. ; Koh, S.P. ; Chen, C.P. ; Tiong, S.K. 
232010Nontechnical loss detection for metered customers in power utility using support vector machinesNagi, J. ; Yap, K.S. ; Tiong, S.K. ; Ahmed, S.K. ; Mohamad, M. 
242014Optimization of the Time of Task Scheduling for Dual Manipulators using a Modified Electromagnetism-Like Algorithm and Genetic AlgorithmAbed, I.A. ; Koh, S.P. ; Sahari, K.S.M. ; Jagadeesh, P. ; Tiong, S.K. 
252009Parallel distributed computational microcontroller system for adaptive antenna downlink transmitter power optimizationSankar, K.P. ; Tiong, S.K. ; Koh, S.P.J. 
262011Path selection technique for highly transmission ratio and reliable routing in ManetJassim, H.S. ; Yussof, S. ; Tiong, S.K. ; Chong, K.H. ; Koh, S.P. 
272012Performance comparison of MVDR and LCMV beamforming algorithm in 2.3 GHz adaptive antenna systemSalem, B. ; Tiong, S.K. ; Koh, S.P. ; Hock, G.C. 
282008Scaling effects on the dynamic characteristics of long-wavelength vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs)Yap, D.F.W. ; Koh, S.P. ; Tiong, S.K. 
292014Solving the inverse kinematics for robot manipulators using modified electromagnetism-like algorithm with record to record travelAbed, I.A. ; Koh, S.P. ; Sahari, K.S.M. ; Tiong, S.K. ; Tan, N.M.L. 
302011A swarm-based artificial immune system for solving multimodal functionsYap, D.F.W. ; Koh, S.P. ; Tiong, S.K. ; Prajindra, S.K. 

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Credit Name
Sieh Kiong Tiong Prof. Ir. Dr.
Full Name
Tiong, S.K.
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