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Author:  Jamaludin, U.K.

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12018Blood glucose and sepsis score on sepsis patients requiring insulin therapyMohamad Suhaimi, F. ; Jamaludin, U.K. ; Abdul Razak, N.N. ; Pretty, C.G. ; Md. Ralib, A. ; Mat Nor, M.B. ; Dzaharudin, F. 
22017Insulin sensitivity and sepsis score: A correlation between model-based metric and sepsis scoring system in critically ill patientsSuhaimi, F.M. ; Chase, J.G. ; Pretty, C.G. ; Shaw, G.M. ; Razak, N.N. ; Jamaludin, U.K. 
32018Investigation of glucose-insulin model efficacy for diabetes patient in the ICUAbdul Razak, A. ; Abu-Samah, A. ; Razak, N.N. ; Ahamad, N. ; M. Suhaimi, F. ; Jamaludin, U.K. ; Md Ralib, A. ; Mat-Nor, M.B. 
42017Performance of glycemic control protocol and virtual trialSuhaimi, F.M. ; Jamaludin, U.K. ; Razak, N.N. ; Ralib, A.M. ; Nor, M.B.M. 
52018Performance of Stochastic Targeted Blood Glucose Control Protocol by virtual trials in the Malaysian intensive care unitJamaludin, U.K. ; M. Suhaimi, F. ; Abdul Razak, N.N. ; Md Ralib, A. ; Mat Nor, M.B. ; Pretty, C.G. ; Humaidi, L. 

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Normy Norfiza Abdul Razak Dr.
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Abdul Razak, N.N.
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