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Title: Gap Analysis of MS1500: 2009 implementation: Malaysia industry
Authors: Daud, S. 
Din, R.C. 
Bakar, S.A. 
Kadir, M.R. 
Sapuan, N.M. 
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: The objective of the study is to analyse the gap between importance and performance factors in the implementation of MS 1500:2009 Halal food guidelines in Malaysia. Survey questions were distributed to manager or supervisor of selected Halal companies located at two Halal Hubs in Malaysia. Findings suggest that the companies in the sample should target improvements of the premises' layout in the implementation of MS 1500:2009 standard. Besides that, these companies shall also focus on the factor that relates to processing of Halal food. The results indicate that the use of the importance-performance analysis in evaluating the implementation of MS 1500:2009 standard can identify how companies implement this standard effectively.
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