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Title: Modeling of Graphene-Clad Chalcogenide Tapered Fiber Using Finite Element Method
Authors: Hui Jing Lee 
Fairuz Abdullah 
Aiman Ismail 
Issue Date: Apr-2017
Abstract: In this paper, we present two design of the solar antennas to resonate that correspond to 10μm wavelength since it provides the highest radiation intensity in the longwave radiation of the optical spectrum. The 0.645μm of silicon substrate is used to separate the conductor element and ground plane for both antennas, respectively. The antenna parameters are the most crucial and important factor in the output of the solar antenna. The efficiency is investigated in terms of conductor shape and size through the simulations. The result shows the radiation efficiency of the Bow-tie antenna gives out the highest radiation efficiency above 90% and is considerably higher than the Micro-strip Bow-tie antennas and conventional photovoltaic cell.
Description: In Proceedings of the 4th National Graduate Conference, Page 5-9
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