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dc.contributor.authorChelvanathan, P.
dc.contributor.authorShahahmadi, S.A.
dc.contributor.authorFerdaous, M.T.
dc.contributor.authorSapeli, M.M.I.
dc.contributor.authorSopian, K.
dc.contributor.authorAmin, N.
dc.description.abstractIn this letter, we report the effects of preferred crystallographic orientation of Mo films on the formation of MoS2 layer through elemental sulphurization process. Vacuum thermal annealing of as-sputtered Mo films results in noticeable change in preferred crystallographic orientation from (1 1 0) to (2 1 1) plane. Correlation between structural and Raman spectroscopy study indicates that Mo film with predominantly (2 1 1) orientation results in pronounced formation of MoS2 compared to the film with the higher degree of (1 1 0) orientation. Planar packing factor, which depends on crystallographic orientation is proposed to play a crucial role in determining the degree of MoS2 formation. © 2018 Elsevier B.V.
dc.titleControllable formation of MoS2 via preferred crystallographic orientation modulation of DC-sputtered Mo thin film
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