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Title: Verifying international students' satisfaction framework for the development of MISS-model in Malaysia
Authors: Yee, C.P. 
Yean, T.S. 
Yi, A.K.J. 
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: A proposed framework to measure international students' satisfaction on their learning and living in Malaysia was developed based on literature reviews on international students (Chong, 2015). The proposed framework has five domains in measuring factors influencing international students' satisfaction, namely, academic internal environment, non-academic internal environment, external environment, image and perceived value. Each of these five domains has their own contributing variables or factors. This verification process is needed because the literature reviewed is limited in the context of Malaysia. Hence, an empirical study was conducted to verify the proposed framework by interviewing 20 international students from 14 nationalities at 11 private universities located in the Klang Valley, Malaysia. The transcribed scripts and notes taken during the interview were analysed. Based on the data collected from the interviews, two objectives of the research were met. Firstly, it has verified and confirmed factors in measuring international students' satisfaction. Secondly, new variables were suggested by interviewees. The outcome of the research has contributed towards improvement of the proposed framework, thereby making it a more comprehensive model. This study and the proposed framework are useful to both the government and institutions of higher learning to improve their services. This will in turn help Malaysia to achieve its aspiration of becoming an international education hub. © Universiti Putra Malaysia Press.
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