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Title: Multi-wavelength Brillouin Raman Erbium Fiber Laser utilizing Captured Residual Raman Pump Power
Authors: Ismail, A. 
Helmi, H.M. 
Jamaludin, M.Z. 
Ker, P.J. 
Abdullah, F. 
Sulaiman, A.H. 
Al-Mansoori, M.H. 
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: We experimentally demonstrate a multi-wavelength Brillouin Raman Erbium fiber laser (MBREFL) by using captured residual Raman pump to pump an erbium doped fiber. Results show that our MBREFL is capable of producing up to 48 Brillouin Stokes lines (BSL) at Brillouin and Raman pump power of +6 dBm and 600 mW, respectively. The proposed MBREFL is tunable free of self-lasing modes for 14.5 nm from 1574.5 with BSLs between 33 and 48. © 2018 IEEE.
DOI: 10.1109/TAFGEN.2018.8580462
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