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Title: Attaining sustainable organization in an era of technology disruption through leadership and strategic decision making: Mediating role of organizational politics
Authors: Wan Hanafi, W.N. 
Daud, S. 
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: In an environment of constant accelerating change, organizations need to ensure they continually invest in their internal capabilities. Upskilling staff, and ensuring the leadership style is adaptive and responsive to change is key to ensuring sustainability in the organization. This study aims to examine the effect of blue ocean leadership style on strategic decision making, mediates by organizational politic. The questionnaire was adopted from previous study and distributed to middle to top level manager in the Malaysian 20 largest Government Link Companies (GLCs). A stratified random sampling technique is adopted to ensure the sample represent the actual population. PLS-SEM was used to test the hypotheses. The findings of this study show that there is a partial mediating effect of organizational politics on the relationship of blue ocean leadership styles and strategic decision making. Organizational politics has its ambivalence, but it can be exploit by developing its proper understanding and political skill amongst leaders, which can be used for strategic decision making and implementation, to deliver an excellent and effective change. © BEIESP.
DOI: 10.35940/ijeat.A2687.109119
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