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dc.contributor.authorLalit Kumar Singh, Dr.en_US
dc.contributor.authorGaurav Chaudhary Dr.en_US
dc.description.abstractThis chapter reviews and applies the principle of the circular economy to recent advances in bioenergy production. Using Ecuador as a case study, we identify a set of production technologies for both biogas and biodiesel, that may interact in sustainable circular processes of production and by-product reuse. The main contribution of this chapter is in highlighting the synergies between different technologies of bioenergy production and waste reuse, as well as the technological requirements for implementation within a systemic approach. The example of a sustainable circular strategy in Ecuador illustrates how an integrated approach to food production, waste management and bioenergy generation can deliver multiple social, economic and environmental benefits.en_US
dc.publisherScrivener Publishing LLC & Co-published by John Wiley & Sons, Incen_US
dc.subjectBioenergy, biofuel production, circular econosmyen_US
dc.titleAdvances in Biofeedstocks and Biofuelsen_US
dc.title.alternativeVolume 1: Biofeedstocks and Their Processingen_US
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