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Title: Environment, energy and climate change II : energies from new resources and the climate change
Authors: volume editors: G. Lefebvre, E. Jiménez, B. Cabañas ; with contributions by K. Araus [and thirty-five others]. 
Keywords: Environment; Renewable energy sources -- Congresses; Energy storage -- Congresses; Biomass energy -- Congresses; Climatic changes -- Congresses; Science -- Chemistry -- Analytic; Science -- Global Warming & Climate Change; Technology & Engineering -- Power Resources -- General; Science -- Earth Sciences -- General; Analytical chemistry; The environment; Energy technology & engineering; Geochemistry; Environmental chemistry; Analytical biochemistry; Geochemistry; Science -- Environmental Science; Pollution & threats to the environment
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Springer
Abstract: This volume provides a comprehensive overview of advanced research in the field of efficient, clean and renewable energy production, conversion and storage. The ten chapters, written by internationally respected experts, address the following topics: (1) solar and wind energy; (2) energy storage in batteries; (3) biomass; and (4) socio-economic aspects of energy. Given its multidisciplinary approach, which combines environmental analysis and an engineering perspective, the book offers a valuable resource for all researchers and students interested in environmentally sustainable energy production, conversion, storage and its engineering.
Description: Contents: Part I: Solar and Wind Energy Recursive Estimation Methods to Forecast Short-Term Solar IrradiationA. Martín, Juan R. Trapero Technical and environmental analysis of parabolic trough Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) technologiesG. San Miguel, B. Corona, J. Servert, D. López, E. Cerrajero, F. Gutierrez, M. Lasheras Wind power forecast error probabilistic model using Markov Chains S. Martín Martinez, A. Honrubia Escribano, M. Cañas Carretón, V. Guerrero Mestre and E. Gómez Lázaro Part II: Energy Storage Energy Storage Integration with Renewable Energies: the Case of Concentration Photovoltaic SystemsCarlos de la Cruz, Monica Baptista Lema, Xavier del Toro García, Pedro Roncero-Sánchez Batteries and Ultracapacitors based Energy Storage in Renewable Multi-Sources SystemsMahamadou Abdou Tankari, Gilles Lefebvre Different Phase Change Materials Implementations for Thermal Energy Storage Mustapha Karkri, Gilles Lefebvre, Laurent Royon Part III: Biomass Bio-refineries: an Overview on Bio-Ethanol ProductionJuan Carlos Dominguez Toribio, Francisco Jesus Fernández Morales Effects of External Resistance on Microbial Fuel Cell's PerformanceA. Gonzalez del Campo, P. Cañizares, J. Lobatob, M. Rodrigo, F.J. Fernandez The avocado and its waste: an approach of fuel potential/applicationMaría Paz Domínguez; Karina Araus; Pamela Bonert; Francisco Sánchez; Guillermo San Miguel; Mario Toledo Part IV: Socio-economy of Energy Agency and Learning Relationships Against Energy Efficiency BarriersMartín Rubio, I., Florence Sandoval, A., González Sánchez, E.
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