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Title: Energy management handbook 6th ed.
Authors: Wayne C. Turner & Steve Doty 
Keywords: Power resources--Handbooks, manuals, Energy conservation-Handbooks, manuals
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: The Fairmont Press, Inc.
Abstract: Since its fi rst edition was published more than two decades ago, Energy Management Handbook has remained the leading reference of choice used by thousands of energy management professionals for one fundamental reason. With this new edition, Dr. Turner and Mr. Doty continue to bring readers both the cutting-edge developments they need to know about, as well as the broad scope of practical information they must have to accomplish real and signifi cant energy cost reduction goals. No other single publication has been as infl uential in defi ning and guiding the energy management profession. This new sixth edition builds upon and is no less essential than its predecessors. Comprehensive in scope, it provides today’s energy managers with the tools they will require to meet the challenges of a new era of predicted rising energy costs and supply uncertainties—ongoing developments which seem certain to impact virtually every aspect of the cost of doing business in the decades ahead. The new edition also examines the impact of the passage and implementation of the Energy Policy Act of 2005, which puts in place new energy effi ciency requirements for government facilities, as well as energy-effi ciency-related tax incentives for commercial buildings. As evidence continues to lend credence to the reality of global climate change, a growing number of businesses are seeing the “good business sense” of reducing greenhouse emissions and developing sustainable, green facilities. The sixth edition of Energy Management Handbook includes substantial new material on sustainability, high performance facilities and related technologies. In many ways the evolution of Energy Management Handbook has paralleled that of the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) in meeting the needs of and setting the standards for the modern energy management profession which has emerged since the 1970s. Therefore, it seems very appropriate that the publication of this important new sixth edition offi cially kicks off AEE’s 30th anniversary celebration. As our organization completes its third decade of serving more than 8,000 members in 77 countries, it would be nearly impossible to overstate the impact that Energy Management Handbook has had for those we serve. The book is an offi cial reference and preparatory text for AEE’s Certifi ed Energy Manager (CEM) program, the most widely recognized professional credential in the energy management fi eld, having certifi ed more than 6,000 professionals since its inception in 1981. In addition numerous large corporations have selected Energy Management Handbook as their offi cial corporate energy management reference. There is no doubt that Energy Management Handbook will continue its role as the indispensable reference for all energy managers who must meet the daunting energy supply and cost control challenges which lie ahead.
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