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Title: Power production from biomass II with special emphasis on gasification and pyrolysis R&DD
Authors: Ed. by Kai Sipila & Maija Korhonen. 
Keywords: Energy, energy production, biomass, gasification, electric power plants, pyrolysis, combustion, meetings, fuels
Issue Date: 1996
Publisher: Technical Research Centre of Finland
Conference: VTT Energy on 27 - 28 March 1995 in Espoo, Finland 
Abstract: The Seminar on Power Production from Biomass II with special emphasis on gasification and pyrolysis R&DD, was organized by VTT Energy on 27 - 28 March 1995 in Espoo, Finland. All seminar speakers were invited in order to give a high-level overview of the achievements of biomass combustion, gasification and flash pyrolysis technologies. The sessions included presentations by all key industrial entrepeneurs in the field. The poster session was open to all groups interested. Globally bioenergy covers about 3 % of the primary energy consumption. Locally it has a significant role in many countries like in Finland, where bioenergy covers almost 15 % and peat 5 % of primary energy consumption. Today's cost-effective heat and power production is based on industrial wood residues and spent cooking liquors in relatively large industrial units or municipal heating and power stations. Agricultural residues like straw and especially energy crops are becoming more interesting in co-utilization with other biomasses or fossil fuels. The seminar succesfully displayed the status of present technologies as well as development targets for new gasification and flash pyrolysis technologies in the coming years.The many industrial participants showed that there are growing business possibilities in many countries all over the world. The proceedings include the most oral presentations given at the Seminar and also abstracts of poster presentations.
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