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Title: Methanol as an energy carrier
Authors: Peter Biedermann, Thomas Grube, Bernd Höhlein (Hrsg.) 
Keywords: Methanol, Energy Carrier, 3893364463
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: Forschungszentrum Jülich
Abstract: The present volume is based on volume 28 “Methanol als Energieträger” (Methanol as an Energy Carrier) published in the Energy Technology series in 2003 (ISBN 3-89336-338-6). It has above all been supplemented by additional contributions to the chapters on DMFC and methanol preparation: – DMFC (Chapter 3) – Synthesis gas (Chapter 5) – Process engineering of methanol synthesis (Chapter 6) – Methanol and MCFC (Berlin project) (Chapter 11.3) The chapters of the 2003 editon have been updated. However, this was not possible in each case for costs or prices because of the dramatic price increases at the end of 2005. The editors would like to thank Ms M. Heinz from the Language Service at the Central Library of Research Centre Jülich for the translation of the German text into English and for useful advice.
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