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Title: Methanol and the Alternate Fuel Economy
Authors: Avinash Kumar Agarwal, Anirudh Gautam, Nikhil Sharma, Akhilendra Pratap Singh. 
Keywords: Energy; Renewable energy sources; Sustainable development; Engineering; Science -- Environmental Science; Technology & Engineering -- Automotive; Technology & Engineering -- Power Resources -- General; Sustainability; Automotive technology & trades; Power generation & distribution; Science -- Energy; Alternative & renewable energy sources & technology
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Springer
Abstract: Energy demand has been rising remarkably due to the increasing population and urbanization. Global economy and society are significantly dependent on the energy availability because it touches every facet of human life and its activities. Transportation and power generation are two major examples. Without the transportation by millions of personalized and mass transport vehicles and availability of 24 X 7 power, human civilization would not have reached contemporary living standards.
Description: Contents: Liquid Sunshine for Indian Railways.- Prospective of methanol economy.- Enabling rural economy in India to partially substitute petroleum products by methanol- technology solutions and policy support.- Petroleum Carcinogenecity: The Indian Challenge.- Methanol as a Locomotive Fuel: Challenges and Opportunities for India.- Reactivity-Controlled Compression Ignition Combustion Engine using Alcohols.- Impact of tri-fuel on compression ignition engine emissions- Blends of waste frying oil – alcohol – diesel.- Exhaust Emissions of an Automotive Diesel Engine Fuelled with Petro- Diesels and B20 Blends.- Exhaust Emissions of DI-CI Engine Fuelled with Neat Biodiesel Fuels.- Energy analysis biodiesel: environmental aspects.- H2 Enriched CNG as Alternative fuel for Internal Combustion Engines.- Review on the use of essential oils in compression ignition engines.- Biogas as a Fuel for Agricultural Applications.- Methanol as an Alternative fuel for Diesel Engine.
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