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Title: Introduction to analog and digital communications, 2nd ed.
Authors: Simon Haykin, Michael Moher. 
Keywords: Telecommunication systems
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Wiley
Abstract: Simon Haykin has written two books with Wiley for CommunicationsSystems, Introduction to Digital and Analog Communications, 2e andthe forthcoming revision of his classic Communications Systems, 5e.The second edition of Introduction to Digital and AnalogCommunications, 2e is written at an accessible level and serves asan introductory treatment of communication theory, both ana-log anddigital communications. Given the highly mathematical nature of communication theory, it israther easy for the reader to lose sight of the practical side ofcommunication systems. Throughout the book, the authors have made aspecial effort to move through the mathe-matical treatment at aneasy-to-grasp level, and also to point out the practical relevanceof the theory wherever it is appropri-ate to do so. Drs.Haykin?s other text, Communication Systems reaches out to ahigher level of math rigor. Also, Introduction to Digital andAnalog Communications, 2e offers the probability coverage later inthe book (chapter 8) since probability theory is not critical tothe understanding of modulation. This also contributes to theaccessible approach of the text. Introduction to Digital and Analog Communications, 2e isself-contained and suited for a one or two-semester course incommunica-tion systems taken by Electrical Engineering juniors orseniors. The book offers flexibility for organizing the coursematerial to suit the interests of course professors andstudents.
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