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Title: Invitation to the psychology of religion, 3rd ed.
Authors: Raymond F. Paloutzian. 
Keywords: Psychology
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Guilford Press
Abstract: A critical, psychological examination of human religiousness and spirituality, and their areligious and secular counterparts, is an essential component of a well-rounded education in the modern world. I wrote this book in order to help students deal with fundamental issues and to advance the progress of psychology. I want students to think about important basic issues. What better topic to do it with than the psychology of religion? This third Invitation to the Psychology of Religion might be subtitled Foundations, Issues, and Building Blocks. It was intended as a revision of the second edition, but in the intervening 20 years it became a new book. Recent developments are so many and far-reaching that a mere update would not do the job. The goal is the same—for this to be the best, clearest, most accurate, and user-friendly book available on the psychology of religion. As in the first two editions, I speak directly to the student, while at the same time addressing some points to my colleagues that I hope will affect them, the psychology of religion, and psychology as a whole. Importantly, I want the book to help students envision big changes while taking the small steps that bring about long-term change. I hope this lesson sticks with my students regardless of the specific line of work they may enter.
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