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Title: Digital design: principles and practices, 3rd ed.
Authors: John F. Wakerly 
Keywords: Digital design
Issue Date: 1999
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Abstract: This newly revised book blends academic precision and practical experience in an authoritative introduction to basic principles of digital design and practical requirements in both board-level and VLSI systems. With over twenty years of experience in both university and industrial settings, John Wakerly has directly taught thousands of engineering students, indirectly taught tens of thousands through his books, and directly designed real digital systems representing tens of millions of dollars of revenue. The book covers the fundamental building blocks of digital design across several levels of abstraction, from CMOS gates to hardware design languages. Important functions such as gates, decoders, multiplexers, flip-flops, registers, and counters are discussed at each level. New edition features include de-emphasis of manual turn-the-crank procedures and MSI design, and earlier coverage of PLDs, FPGAs, and hardware design languages to get maximum leverage from modern components and software tools. HDL coverage now includes VHDL as well as ABEL.
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