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Title: Accounting for non-accounting students, 9th ed.
Authors: John R. Dyson, Ellie Franklin. 
Keywords: Accounting
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Pearson
Abstract: This book provides a solid introduction to accounting for those students who are required to study it as part of a non-accounting course. It is also of benefit to those managers in business, government or industry whose work involves them in dealing with accounting information. Non-accountants are often puzzled why they are required to take a course in accounting, and even more so when they have to take a demanding examination at the end of it. The fact is that these days, no matter what your job, you need to have some knowledge of accounting matters. The main reason for this is that for different specialists to talk to each other they have to speak in a language that everyone understands. In business (in its widest sense) that language is money and that happens to be the accountants’ language. The use of a common language enables all the various activities that take place within a business to be translated into monetary terms and for all reports to be prepared on the same basis. So if you need to know what is going on in other departments (as you almost certainly will), you will find it much easier if you speak the language of accounting.
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