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Title: Introduction to financial accounting.
Authors: Henry Dauderis & David Annand, edited by Athabasca University. 
Keywords: Accounting
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Creative Commons
Abstract: Accoun􀆟ng involves a process of collec􀆟ng, recording, and repor􀆟ng a business’s economic ac- 􀆟vi􀆟es to users. It is o􀅌en called the language of business because it uses a unique vocabulary to communicate informa􀆟on to decision makers. To understand accoun􀆟ng, we first look at the basic forms of business organiza􀆟ons. The concepts and principles that provide the founda􀆟on for financial accoun􀆟ng are then discussed. With an emphasis on the corporate form of business organiza􀆟on, we will examine how we communicate to users of financial informa􀆟on using financial statements.
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