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Title: Potential Electricity Bills Savings Based on Customer Load Profile with Solar PV: A Case Study
Authors: H. Atikah 
C. S. Tan 
Issue Date: Jul-2019
Conference: 5Th International Conference On Energy And Environment 2019 
Abstract: : With the high demand in electricity consumption nowadays, it is crucial for regulator and utilities to ensure sufficient energy supply to meet electricity demand. Electricity demand is influenced by several factors such as number of customers, customer behavior, working hours, weather condition and holidays. Integrating renewable energy technology as part of electricity generation for self consumption has indirectly provide an option to customer to reduce his electricity consumption from the grid and help to save his electricity bill. One of the simplest solutions to install renewable energy sources is by installing rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV). In this paper, the economic feasibility of installing solar PV is discussed based on commercial customer load profile. This paper also presents the suitable PV sizing and the payback analysis based on customer’s load profile. A commercial customer’s load profile in Petaling Jaya, Selangor is used as a case study for this analysis. This study indicates that the potential electricity bill saving with the integration of solar PV system on customer’s building rooftop can be achieved up to 28% if 1,256kW solar PV system is installed. The payback period with this solar PV installation is approximately around 9 years
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