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Title: Leisure and Tourism Economics.
Authors: Edited by Charlotte Sullivan. 
Keywords: Economics
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: The English Press
Abstract: As the tourism sector is growing swiftly; its economic significance is also increasing. It has also branched out into more specific sections such as health tourism, education tourism and many others. The aim of this book is to elaborate the varied aspects of tourism and explain their context in a growing economy. Emerging concepts such as ecotourism, impacts of tourism development, human resources, challenges and concerns, etc. have been elucidated in this book. It will help students and academicians to better understand the dynamics of the tourism industry. It will also serve as a reference guide for professionals and policy makers engaged in the field of tourism and hospitality. Various studies have approached the subject by analyzing it with a single perspective, but the present book provides diverse methodologies and techniques to address this field. This book contains theories and applications needed for understanding the subject from different perspectives. The aim is to keep the readers informed about the progress in the field; therefore, the contributions were carefully examined to compile novel researches by specialists from across the globe. Indeed, the job of the editor is the most crucial and challenging in compiling all chapters into a single book. In the end, I would extend my sincere thanks to the chapter authors for their profound work. I am also thankful for the support provided by my family and colleagues during the compilation of this book.
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