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Title: The Role of Infographic in Increasing Youths’ Health Awareness from a Graphic Designer Perspective
Authors: Sharul Azim Sharudin 
Normah Mustaffa 
Shahrul Nazmi Sannusi 
Issue Date: Mar-2020
Journal: Malaysian Journal of Communication 
Abstract: Visuals are an effective communication medium for communicating a message to an audience. The choice of visual type to use in the delivery of a message needs to be carefully planned so that the message can be delivered effectively. Through the medium of Instagram, the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) uses a variety of visuals to enhance health awareness and healthy lifestyle practices among the community. There are three types of visuals that are frequently displayed, namely photos, infographics, and illustrations. How do these three visuals impact and which visuals are most influential in raising health awareness? In this regard, the study aims to identify the most effective visual types for improving health awareness. To address this question, the study used a focus group discussion (FGD) method with five informants from the Corporate Communication Unit, MOH. The selected informants are individuals who are directly involved in visual production and are responsible for maintaining the MOH social site. The findings show that all informants agree that infographic is commonly used in MOH’s Instagram because infographic, not only capture the attention of the audience but also reinforce the message they want to convey.
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