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Title: The handbook of news analytics in finance.
Authors: Edited by Gautam Mitra and Leela Mitra. 
Keywords: Finance.
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: John Wiley
Abstract: Preface The purpose of a preface in our view is rather unashamedly to sell the book—to communicate the message of the book succinctly and either to motivate the reader to explore its content or to leave the reader feeling that just maybe he or she is losing out if the book’s theme does not fire their imagination. So, by ignoring this book you will never know whether you might have seen the light and gleaned the winning strategies of financial analytics! The subheadings in this preface are deliberately linked to coax you to send an email to your quant team instructing them to pick up this handbook and mine it for nuggets of knowledge. You may also post a review in your blog or alert your peers in Linked-in depending on how much enthusiasm we have been able to generate. The background sets the scene. We then highlight the research problems that also equate with the business problems. We discuss the role of news followed by an outline of the different technologies that underpin news analytics (NA). We then emphasize that discovering what the experts—that is, our enthusiastic contributors—have to say can be rewarding. We conclude the preface with a suggested reading strategy—a road map— with a view to help the reader make the most of effective knowledge mining.
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