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Title: International human resources management: challenges and changes.
Authors: Carolina Machado (Editor). 
Keywords: Personnel management.
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Springer
Abstract: International Human Resource Management (IHRM) covers the issues related to human resource management (HRM) in an international context. Today’s organizations are no longer established only inside their home country frontiers. By the contrary, day after day they are looking for new markets and opportunities, in order to obtain better performance and productivity levels. International, innovative and pro-active strategies are needed. The consequences in these organizations human resources (HR) are considerable and with a huge relevance. Considered HR as one of the main critical success factors of today’s organizations, it is urgent that the issues related with their management in an international perspective lead to the implementation of effective IHRM strategies, policies and practices in a context of a growing international and global activity of these organizations. The internationalization phenomenon, and consequently the organizational activity globalization, exerts a strong impact in HRM, making it imperative to competitive organizations to develop HR strategies in an international scale. Conscious of this reality, this book looks to contribute to the exchange of experiences and perspectives about the state of IHRM research, as well as the future direction of this field of research. It looks to provide a support to academics and researchers, as well as those that operating in the management field need to deal with policies and strategies related to work issues and HRM in an international environment. Interdisciplinary perspectives to further our knowledge and understanding of the IHRM and related challenges and change processes and work practices in an international field are need. Addressing these questions this book looks to explore the models, tools and processes used by international organizations in order to help international managers become better prepared to face the challenges and changes in their HRM and, consequently, in the way how to manage todays’ organizations in a global and competitive market.
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