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dc.contributor.authorNOOR RULHUDA BINTI ISMAILen_US
dc.description.abstractPower System Stability is essentially recognized as an important problem for secure system operation and to prevent major blackouts. The complexity of power systems is continually increasing because of the growth in interconnection and new technology. The nature of load characteristics and increased in load demand due to complexity of the power system is one of the major area in Power System Stability. When the system is operating at steady state and dynamic stability conditions, it should be operating at its optimized condition in meeting the customers demand in terms of quantity and quality with all parameters such as frequency and voltage are within the acceptable limits and generators are operating at synchronism. With variable load growth in the system and at the same time to ensure stability of the power system, it is important to know the impact of load increment to the power system stability. This research work is to analyse the impact of load increment to power system stability by monitoring generator performance with respect to generator capability curve and bus voltage with respect to Voltage Stability Indices (VSI). In addition, injection of PV and installation Static Var Compensator (SVC) is also included in this research work as mitigation technique to improve power system instability. IEEE 30 Bus Test System is modelled and tested using PSSE 34 software and three (3) scenarios are simulated to achieve the research objectives. The strongest and weakest lines in the system are determined using two (2) VSI which are Fast Voltage Stability Indices (FVSI) and Line Stability Factor (LQP). Many papers have been published on voltage stability focused on the changes of reactive load at the weakest bus. Some of the researcher have discussed the impact of reactive load increment on selected buses to achieve their research objectives. However, no works have been published on analysing voltage stability with respect to active and reactive load increment at all buses, sending and receiving ends of weakest and strongest lines. Furthermore, there is no research done to study the impact of load increment to generators performance with respect to generators capability curve. The relationship between generators performance with respect to generators capability curve, and voltage stability with respect voltage stability indices is also investigated to achieve the research objectives.en_US
dc.subjectPower System Stabilityen_US
dc.subjectgenerator capability curveen_US
dc.subjectvoltage stabilityen_US
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