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Title: Transforming communication in leadership and teamwork: person-centered innovations
Authors: Renate Motschnig, David Ryback. 
Keywords: Personnel management.
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Springer
Abstract: In this electronic age of information transparency and superfast communication, leadership has taken on new character. It has always been a fierce challenge to define the components of effective leadership, but now it appears that there may be an exciting opportunity for new clarity. The underlying theme is the ability to communicate effectively. It involves the ability to sense what the other—whether one individual, a small group, or even an audience of hundreds—is feeling and not yet revealing, while keeping in mind the organization’s vision as well as the current task at hand. In other words, we need to attend to the “elephant in the room” that everyone else is ignoring, while following both the big picture and the current demand. How these requirements can be reconciled with helpful knowledge inputs and practices are the focal themes of this book.
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