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Title: Handbook of technology and innovation management.
Authors: Edited by Scott Shane. 
Keywords: Technology.
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Wiley
Abstract: When Rosemary Nixon, an editor for Blackwell Publishing, now part of John Wiley & Sons, approached me in 2003 to edit a Handbook on the Management of Technological Innovation, I quickly agreed. The field of management of technology had undergone major changes in the previous two decades, with an increased focus on technology strategy, entrepreneurship, and product development, and I thought that the time was right for a handbook that provided some order to the plethora of new arguments and findings. Moreover, many of the names associated with cutting edge research in this area were not leading scholars two decades earlier – frankly, many of them were not even scholars 20, or even 10, years before. And I thought that a book that collected their views and summaries of the field would be extremely useful to current scholars and Ph.D. students. Finally, I thought that it would be easy to put together this handbook and that it would be published within a year.
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