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Title: Characterization of fabrication process noises for 32nm NMOS devices
Authors: Elgomati, H.A. 
Majlis, B.Y. 
Ahmad, I. 
Ziad, T. 
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: This paper describes the effect of fabrication process noises to Sub-nanometer devices, which in this case a 32nm NMOS transistor. This experiment a part of a full Taguchi Method analysis to obtain an optimum fabrication recipe for the said transistor. The two noises introduced in the fabrication is ±1°C variation in sacrificial oxide layer growth by diffusion temperature and also silicide compress annealing temperature. In this project, a working 32 NMOS transistor fabrication is used. By increasing the sacrificial oxide layer diffusion temperature from 900°C to 901°C, the reference 32nm NMOS transistor threshold voltage (VTH) jumps from 0.1181V to 0.1394V, while leakage current drops from 0.111mA/um to 0.109 mA/um. By decreasing the silicide compress temperature from 910°C to 909°C, threshold voltage increase slightly from 0.118053V to 0.118068V, This shows a very different in magnitude of effect from same degree of noise introduce to the fabrication process. © 2010 IEEE.
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