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Title: Study of lifetime prediction of N-MOS transistor due to hot carrier effect
Authors: Ahmad, I. 
Kornain, Z. 
Idros, M.F.M. 
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: This study discusses a technique to define the reliability and predict the lifetime of NMOS transistor through stressing and analyzing process by using Agilent 4070 Series equipment and xHCI software at wafer level. The stressing process uses direct current stressing method while Takeda and Hu models are used in analysis process. The result of the experiment is in the graph form and it depends on the analysis method which is can be referred to both Takeda and Hu models. The minimum lifetime prediction was 860 hours by using Takeda model as compared to 790 hours using Hu model. The different result between Takeda and Hu model was about 8% only and this allowed both Takeda and Hu models to be used in lifetime prediction of NMOS transistor. For the conclusion, by referring to this lifetime prediction graph, any operating voltage of transistor can predict the lifetime. © 2006 IEEE.
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